The route

Here is the itinerary of my four month trip between France and Norway - not the most direct, but I try to reconcile efficiency on the bike and discovery of cooperative habitats.

I have always been interested in the Scandinavian countries. And, in terms of town planning, they seem to be at the forefront - Copenhagen and its cycling network, Malmö and its eco-districts ... By inquiring, I also learned that Sweden and Norway were among the countries with the most cooperative housing. It was therefore an obvious destination for me.

Along the way, I will stop in the high places of cooperative and participatory housing in Switzerland and Germany: Geneva, Zurich, Friburg en Breisgau, Tübingen to start. Then I will go see what is happening in Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands. A detour through Berlin then I will return to my main axis, towards Scandinavia.


In red, the path already taken since my departure on March 17th. Click on the icons to see the stops I made and related articles.